FAQ - When to wear cufflinks? Cufflinks are used when you want to be really handsomely dressed. In all situations where you wear a suit, jacket, tuxedo, or evening dress, it is an excellent opportunity to wear cufflinks. It is both an opportunity to raise the level of style while you can express your personality with a pair of cufflinks that reflect some of your interests. Feel free to wear it together with a tie and matching tie clip.

What kind of shirt is needed to wear cufflinks?
To be able to wear cufflinks, you need a shirt with a single or double cuff. A shirt sleeve with a simple cuff needs an extra buttonhole to be able to attach the cuff button, which many shirts of this type have. Double cuff means that the shirt sleeve is folded twice, after which the cufflinks are threaded through the holes that are intended specifically for cufflinks. The cufflinks should be fastened so that the decorated part is facing outwards, ie away from your body so that they are visible to your surroundings.

Which cufflinks should I choose?
It all depends on the situation and your personal taste. If you are going to wear a tailcoat, something that matches the buttons of the tailcoat shirt is recommended, which are usually in silver or gold with mother of pearl. If you are going to wear a tuxedo, something that is stylish is recommended as you do not want it to look "flashy". A pair in silver or gold with the shape of a square or a rectangle is a safe choice. If you are going to a party or dinner where you are going to wear a suit or jacket, you have freer reins to either wear something you think is nice, or something that expresses your personality. With a pair of personal cufflinks that express one of your interests, you have a good icebreaker.

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We offer cufflinks in many different models and colors. Cufflinks are necessary when wearing a double cuff shirt, but many single cuff shirts also have an extra buttonhole next to the fixed button to allow for cufflinks to be worn. Cufflinks are something that is a must in every fashion conscious man's wardrobe. We have the web's largest selection of cufflinks, and we can almost promise that you will find what you are looking for in our range.

How to wear cufflinks

The cufflink is mainly used for evening dress, tuxedo or suit. Shirts that have a double cuff require cufflinks. Shirts that have a simple cuff sometimes have an extra buttonhole (combination cuff) which enables the wearing of a cuff button. The cufflink should preferably match other accessories such as tie pin, watch chain or chest buttons for evening dress and tuxedo. Many people associate the cufflink with the formal attire with a tailcoat, tuxedo or suit. However, we want to strike a blow for the cufflinks' excellence as an important style element even in everyday life where it can be used together with an odd jacket and a pair of chinos or jeans. In this respect, the cufflink is a discreet detail that gives your outfit an extra lift without it being particularly noticeable. The cufflink is often used to reflect the wearer's identity by, for example, showing family arms, the university where you studied or other interests that the wearer has.