Tie clips

FAQ - How to wear a tie clip? A tie clip must not sit too low so that it is not visible or obscured when you have the jacket buttoned. It must also not sit too high as it does not look nice. Somewhere between the third and fourth button on the shirt from the top is usually a good placement. It is important that the position of the tie pin is correct. In addition, the tie clip should be perpendicular to the tie. It can easily slide at an angle after a period of use and therefore it is good to check the positioning from time to time so that it still sits straight. The tie pin should also be attached to the shirt to keep the tie in place, this way you can prevent the tie from dipping into the food or fluttering in the wind. The tie clip thus fulfils both a decorative and a practical function.

When to wear a tie clip?
The tie clip can be worn in all situations when you wear a tie, without exception. Whether you wear a tie and choose to wear a tie pin or not is thus a matter of taste. One rule, however, is that wearing a tie pin is slightly more dressed up. So, if you want a relaxed business look at work, you can leave the tie pin at home. While if you want to be as well dressed as possible, for example as a wedding guest, then the tie pin is an excellent choice.

Which tie clip should you choose?
There are two main types of tie clips, the classic models and the festive variants. The tie pins of the classic model have a stylish and simple design and are usually single-coloured in silver or gold. These are suitable for weddings and formal events. If you are going to a party, you can instead wear a festive tie bar. These usually represent an interest or profession and can therefore act as an icebreaker and tell something about who you are.

Whether you should have a tie clip in silver or gold is governed by your other outfit. If you have, for example, cufflinks, a watch or a bracelet in gold, you should choose a tie pin in gold. If you have a lot of silver details in your outfit, then choose a tie clip in silver.

What width should a tie clip have?
The width of the tie pin is controlled by the width of your tie. A rule is that the tie clip must not be wider or as wide as the tie where it is attached. The tie clip should end 0.5 - 2 cm before the edge of the tie. If you have a tie that is 8 cm wide, tie pins between 5 - 7 cm are usually suitable. If you have a narrow tie of 6 cm, tie pins between 4 - 5 cm are usually suitable.


What is the right placement for a tie pin?

Something that adds another dimension to your tie outfit is the tie pin. A nice detail that should be placed exactly in the middle of the tie when it is tied and hangs around the neck. In addition to the tie pin being a stylish accessory, it fulfills a practical function by holding the narrow end of the tie in place. Therefore, make sure that the tie pin encloses both the thick and narrow ends of the tie.