Privacy policy

§1. GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)

A new data protection regulation (General Data Protection Regulation “GDPR”) entered into force on May 25th 2018. This initiative is aimed at protecting individuals’ rights regarding how companies, authorities and other organisations collect and use their personal data.

Neckwear Sweden AB (registered in Sweden under the organisation number 556882-4063), also referred to below as “we” and “Scottsberry”, takes full responsibility for your personal data and aim to make you feel safe when using our services. 

§1.1. What is personal data?

Personal data refers to all information that can be directly or indirectly tied to a living person. Personal identification numbers, names, and addresses are common types of personal data; even photos of people, however, can be classed as personal data.

§1.2. How does Scottsberry use your personal data?

Scottsberry stores the following personal data:

●      Personal identification number (with invoice purchases)

●      Name

●      Shipping address

●      Billing address

●      Country

●      Phone number

●      Email address

●      Customer ID or number

●      Order history

§1.3. How do we use your personal data?

We only process your personal data in our own interest. We use it in order to conduct our business, which is selling products on the internet. This requires us to collect your personal data and to distribute it to third parties according to the aforementioned information. Scottsberry does not sell your information to third parties. Scottsberry does not store your information outside of the EU. Scottsberry has a backup of all your personal information and all data in order to carry out our operations safely. All data and information is stored for 4 weeks following your customer card being erased.

§1.4. Your rights

The right to informationYou are entitled to a copy of all your personal data that we have stored.

The right to correction – You are entitled to any incorrect data being updated or corrected.

The right to have your data deleted You may demand to have your personal data erased. We cannot delete data that we are required to store by law, e.g. order history, which must be stored for accounting purposes.

The right to data portabilityYou have the right to receive a copy of your personal data in our possession in a structured format.

The right to make objectionsYou may always object to the ways in which we process your personal data. 

The right to make complaintsIf you consider that we are processing your data incorrectly you have the right to contact the Swedish Data Protection Authority.

The right to withdraw your consent.

The right to report Scottsberry to the Swedish Data Protection Authority. 

§1.5. How to erase your personal data and order history from our system:

1. Send an email to us with your customer ID number and your personal identification number stating the fact that you wish to have your personal data erased.

2. Your request will be processed and your live personal data will be erased within 5 business days.

3. Your email conversations will be erased from our database within 5 days.

4. Erasing all of your information will take at least 4 weeks as we cannot access our Backup and delete your data immediately.

Unfortunately, we cannot delete all information related to you, as accounting laws require us to store sales information which may concern you.

§1.6. Cancelling your subscription

We use the email address you provide to send you updates regarding your order as well as newsletters. If you no longer wish to receive our newsletters you can easily cancel your subscription by clicking the link at the end of every email. If you need more assistance you are welcome to email us.

§1.7. What is the easiest way to contact us with questions regarding data protection and processing of personal data?

If you have any questions you may contact us by emailing:


This website uses cookies. By continuing to use our website you agree to the use of cookies. In compliance with laws concerning electronic communication which entered into force on July 25, 2003, anyone who visits a website with cookies must be notified about the use of cookies, what the cookies are used for and how they can be avoided.

Scottsberry uses cookies in compliance with the regulation concerning electronic communication that entered into force on July 25, 2003, which states that all visitors of websites using cookies must be informed about what these are used for. A cookie is a small file which is stored on your computer and contains certain information which allows the website to identify you as a visitor. Cookie files do not damage your computer, they are made up of text and cannot contain viruses. The files take up very little space.

§2.1. What are cookies and what are they used for?

There are two types of cookies: the first type stores a file permanently on your computer and these are used for e.g. measuring your movements on the website. This is done in order to offer the visitor better service and a better experience. The text files can be removed and most websites have functions that allow you to do this. On we use this type of cookie to keep track of your shopping basket and to keep statistics on our users. The information stored on your computer is simply a unique number with no connection to your personal data; it is completely anonymous.

The second type which is used regularly is session cookies. While you are visiting our website, our server shares a unique identification number so as not to confuse you with other users. Session cookies are not permanently stored on your computer; they disappear when you close your web browser. You must have cookies activated in order to be able to use without difficulties.

§2.2. Can I disable cookies?

You can disable cookies in your web browser’s security settings. How this is done depends on each individual web browser. If you choose to disable cookies, the use of certain functions on our website will be limited.

§2.3 Can I disable any marketing occurring outside of Scottsberry’s platform/website?

Yes, you can, however you must do this yourself. Please see the procedure for each external marketing partner below.

Facebook – Click on this link:, click on “ad preferences” and change your settings.

Google (not logged in to Google account) – Click on this link: Click on the blue buttons so that they turn grey. Click “disable” on the pop-up.

Google (logged in to Google account) – Click on this link: Click on the blue buttons so that they turn grey. Click “disable” on the pop-up.