Wedding waistcoats are a great choice if you are going to wear a suit for your hallowed ceremony. The waistcoat offers a slightly more formal look and ensures that your attire stands out from the other guests who may also be wearing suits. We have received a great deal of positive feedback from satisfied wedding customers over the many years we’ve touted this recommendation. Our collection of debonair wedding waistcoats was developed over the course of two years to ensure the absolute highest quality. After long-term testing and many iterations of design work, we finally developed a really awesome collection of suit waistcoats of fantastic quality and premium design, all at an unbeatable price. By working directly with the manufacturers, we can skip all the middlemen and have been able to halve the costs for our customers. Now we have the web’s largest assortment of waistcoats for men that have been specially designed for weddings and other formal occasions. Smart colours paired with tasteful and dashing designs creates a selection of wedding attire that is just the right amount of formal and always undeniably stylish. All of our waistcoats are also available in matching children's waistcoats. Sizes range from XS to XXL (44–58).