Cufflinks guide

When should I wear cufflinks?
A pair of cufflinks is suitable for any occasion on which you want to be extra smartly dressed and wear white tie, black tie, a jacket or a suit. A pair of cufflinks makes your outfit that little bit more formal. You can wear a pair of cufflinks at work, a wedding, a dinner or a party. It’s up to you how high you want to set the bar when it comes to your outfit.

What shirts work with cufflinks?
Not all shirts allow you to wear cufflinks, due to the way the sleeves are designed. The most common type of shirt that’s suitable for cufflinks is a shirt with a simple cuff and extra buttonhole to feed the cufflinks through. This type of shirt doesn’t require you to wear cufflinks, as it has regular buttons that hold the sleeve closed if you don’t have any.

Then there are shirts with a double cuff, also called a French cuff, where you fold the shirtsleeve back on itself and pull the cufflinks through the holes. On this type of shirt, you need to wear cufflinks in order to keep the sleeve in place.

Can I match my cufflinks with my tie clip?
An excellent idea! If your cufflinks are silver, your tie clip should also be in silver, and if your tie clip is gold, your cufflinks should be gold.

How should my cufflinks sit?
The decorative part should always be facing outwards.

Which cufflinks should I choose?
There are two main choices here. Either you go for something that you think is nice and stylish, or you choose something that reflects your personality, like a pair of cufflinks with your initials on, or a pair of golf clubs.

The former option is preferred at weddings, proms and other events of a more formal nature. If you’re going to dinner or a party or want to look smart at work, you can go ahead and choose a pair of cufflinks of a more novelty nature.

If you are still unsure what cufflinks to go for, then try a pair in simple silver. Square, rectangular, round or ovular all look equally good, and silver never clashes with anything, no matter what shirt and jacket you wear.