Tie clips guide

Why wear a tie clip?
Tie clips has both practical and decorative functions. They stop your tie from flapping about in the wind or getting accidentally dipped into your soup, and at the same time, are a beautiful little extra detail. Tie pins began to be used at the beginning of the 20th century to keep men’s ties in place. Pretty soon, they also started to be used as a way of expressing who one was, showing, for example, which company the wearer worked for, or which family he was from. Even today, tie pins are still a great way to say something about you. A fishing hook on the clip shows your interest in fishing, for example. A tie clip that shows a little part of who you are can be an excellent icebreaker at parties and dinners.

How long should my tie clip be?
That entirely depends on the width of your tie. Your tie clip must never be wider than or as wide as your tie. A good guideline is that the length of a tie clip should be about 70–80% the width of the tie. For a tie that’s 8 cm wide, for example, a tie clip that’s around 6 cm long is a good idea. If you’re wearing a narrow, 6 cm tie, a shorter tie clip of 4-5 cm works better.

Where should the tie clip sit on my tie?
Your tie pin should always be between the third and fourth shirt buttons from the top of your shirt, just below your chest. It mustn’t sit too far down because it won’t be visible behind a buttoned jacket. It shouldn’t sit too high either as it just won’t look good. To look good, a tie clip must be at the right height. Remember that it must be attached to your shirt to keep your tie in place.

Do tie clips work with all kinds of ties?
Yes, they do. As long as a tie clip isn’t wider than the tie it’s worn with, the material or pattern of the tie doesn’t matter. A tie clip looks just as good with a knitted wool tie of a single colour as it does with a polka dot silk tie, for example.

What tie clips go with what ties?
When you’ve found a tie clip of the right length, it’s time to choose the colour and design. There are essentially two choices when it comes to tie clips. Either you go for a beautiful, smart tie clip in gold or silver, which will look good with most ties, or you opt for a novelty design that says something about who you are. A tie clip with a golf club or a wrench, for example. It’ll make a nice detail that will start conversations at a tough social event.

What’s the difference between a tie clip and a tie bar?
Visually, there’s no difference between the two. However, tie clips have a spring mechanism with which you can fasten them to your tie. Tie bars lacks a spring mechanism, and instead grip onto the tie, as the metal is pliable. As a rule, tie bars are mainly suitable for thinner ties as it can be a bit awkward to attach them to thicker wool ties or knitted ties.

Can you wear a tie clip to a wedding?
Whenever you’re wear a tie, a tie clip looks great.

Can you wear a tie clip to a funeral?
Although not a style faux pas, there’s no point in wearing a tie clip to a funeral. You wear a tie to a funeral to show your respect for the deceased, not to look good.