How to tie a tie

Correct length
The tie should be tied so that it ends at or just above the belt buckle. If the length is not correct, you simply have to start again. Try many times and be patient, in the end you will get to the perfect length.

Tips and tricks before you start

  • Always stand in front of the mirror when making the knot.

  • Hang the tie around the neck and let the wide part be about twice as long as the narrow one to get a good length. Start tying and if the length does not become correct, pick up the knot and start again from the beginning.

  • If the knot looks bad you can always loosen it up to make some adjustments, you do not necessarily have to untie it completely.

  • A classic mistake is to either make the knot to tight or to loose.

  • Always untie the tie after it has been used, otherwise it might get ugly wrinkles. By doing this you extend the lifetime of the tie. Store the tie hanging or loosely rolled up.

Four in hand knot
Four in hand is definitely the most used tie knot. This knot is suitable for thicker ties such as wool ties or knitted ties, since you do not have to wind the tie several times.

Windsor knot
This tie knot has a shape of a triangle. The Windsor knot is suitable for thinner and skinny (slim) ties since the knot gets a lot of volume. Therefore this knot works well with a shirt with wide collar.

Half windsor knot
This knot is a combination of Windsor and four in hand. It is symmetrical knot but not as big as the Windsor knot. This knot is viewed as an all round knot that works with most shirts and collars and both for thick and thin ties. If you find it difficult to learn the different tie knots, this is the knot you should focus on learning since it can be used in most situations.

The simple knot (The Oriental Knot)
A popular and simple knot that is very suitable for smaller and thinner ties. Very simple to learn and perfect for kids ties.